About Sweden

Country data

Capital: Stockholm (the largest city and 1.4 million habitants in the urban area)
Population: 10,1 million (April 2018)
Size: 450000 km2 or 173860 sq miles
Language: Swedish (most people speak English)
Government: Parliamentary monarchy (We have a king but the Prime minister and parliament run the show)
GDP per capita: 41.000 USD (average income of a Swede per year)
Currency: Krona, kronor (SEK), 1 krona is 100 öre (cents), 1 USD is about 9 kronor
Country dialing code: +46
Big Mac index: 3rd most expensive. 6,1 USD (2018)

Why could you enjoy it here?

Sweden is an open and friendly country where people can feel safe and taken care of. It is located in Northern Europe, and the four seasons are well defined with huge differences in temperature and daylight. Summers can be hot with +30 C and winters cold with -30 C.

Because of the people.

Sweden is a country for everyone. The population is international with a lot of different cultures and religions. If you walk around in the capital, Stockholm, you might hear several languages spoken around you, especially English. But in the same time you can find the native population, the Sami´s, in the North. So wherever you come from, you will find fellow nationals all over Sweden - living, visiting, hiking, or just enjoying the country. Swedes are easygoing but can be a little restrictive to new acquaintances, at least from the beginning. But do not be afraid of starting a conversation, Swedes are friendly and well-behaved.

Because of the nature and safety.

Few countries have four defined seasons. Sweden is one of them. Enjoy skiing and snowmobiling wintertime and water skiing and sunbathing summertime. Find moose and mushrooms in the forests and fish in most waters. Sweden has many mountains for explorers, but also flat lands, lakes (90.000 of them) and large coast lines where you might find natural beaches and warm water in the summer. The cities are clean and you can feel safe walking in the streets.

www.sweden.se - Official website
www.informationsverige.se - Great website to know more about Sweden as a newcomer
www.visitsweden.se - Tourist and society information
www.si.se - Swedish promotions abroad
www.government.se - Swedish public office
www.tullverket.se - Swedish Customs